Take Action


About the Call to Action: 

How will our Call to Action drive more women in leadership?  

More money invested in funds promoting female leadership will drive change through shareholder engagement 


Is Hypatia investing in companies? 

We don’t invest directly. We link women who want to make a difference with the investments striving for change  


Do linked funds invest in companies that have women CEOs or equal representation in top management? 

Funds rank firms by rules measuring women in management. See individual fund documentation for details 


Do linked funds invest in socially responsible causes around women’s issues? 

Women’s issues addressed include: family leave and workplace sexual harassment 


How does this differ from other female focused robo-advisors? 

Hypatia Invests does not manage money or recommend stocks 


My portfolio questions 

Why 1%? 

It is a small step for individuals, a huge step for womankind.  


What if I don’t have any savings?               

  1. Please open a brokerage account – if you don’t already have one.  Some have $0minimum! 
  1. Invest in a (fund focused on female leadership)[link] – whichever you prefer 
  1. Claim your badge – 100% of your portfolio is Investing in Women in Leadership! 
  1. Share it with everyone you know! 

What about investing my 401k? 

Send us an email and we can try to help. 


Pubic Funds Questions 

What is the historical fund performance? 

Please see fund documentation for details 


Are the managers of these fund women? 

SHE: Yes, Lynn Blake 

PAX: Yes, Heather Smith 


What is the minimum investment size? 

SHE: One share – $71.72 as of March 8th 2018 

WIL:  One note$66.02 as of March 8th 2018 

PXWEX: $1000