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Hypatia Invests is a platform for investing in women in leadership.

Invest in funds that sponsor women.
At least 1% of your portfolio.



Women Leaders Outperform

Take a look at the research that documents outperformce

Women on Boards
Higher Stock Returns

More Women in Management
Higher Profitability

Women CEOs
More profits per $ invested


Today, only 5% of CEOs are Women

Imagine a world with 50% Women CEOs

Investors have the Power to Achieve it

Shareholders have power. Invest your dollars to drive the conversation.

Women control close to 50% of the nation's personal wealth - almost $14 trillion

Even if women invested only 1% of their total assets, it would top $135 billion

Imagine what 5% or $675 billion can do
Imagine if men joined in
$1 Trilliion+


How? Invest!

Even $100 makes a difference!

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Do you have a portfolio? Invest even more!

At least 1%!

Use your Invested Dollars to Further the Goal of 50% Women CEOs

Act now, whether using new investment dollars or replacing something you already own

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