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Invest in Women &
The Equality Portfolio

Hypatia Invests is a registered investment advisor whose mission is to educate and advise on the potential benefits of increased investments in women in leadership in all asset classes.



Our Belief: Balanced Leadership Outperforms

Women are 50% of the population,

Women are less than 10% of CEOs.

Your portfolio can look different if you want it to.

The Hypatia Investahon is

educational, motivational and action oriented.

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The Equality Portfolio

A model portfolio series incorporating gender balance

Model portfolios, designed by professional advisors, typically include a mix of assets to achieve specific investment goals.
Model portfolios often include ETFs and mutual funds that offer minimal gender diversification.


Hypatia Invests is designing a suite of model portfolios that include diversification in gender leadership.
Please contact us at (212) 472-7500 or [email protected] if you would like to learn more about Hypatia Invests’ Equality Portfolio series.

All asset allocation scenarios are for hypothetical purposes only and are not intended to be investment advice. Each investor’s situation is unique and asset allocation decisions should be based on risk tolerance, time horizon. financial situation, and personal objectives 

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